Tuesday, October 13, 2015

da:ns festival :: Tango Legends

I'm a terrible social dancer. Probably too rigid. Had fun memories of tango-ing in Argentina.  I can sort of tango, but can't salsa. :P I also prefer dancing in a structured class rather than in a social setting. The key lies in definition of 'social'. I'm not. Was pretty enthusiastic to go with V to watch 'Tango Legends' led by Argentine dancers and choreographers Mariela Maldonado and Pablo Sosa.

Music matters as much as the dance itself, sometimes. Very nice to have musicians and two singers to accompany the dancers. Always such a luxury to have live music. With that smoke machine (as if we haven't been hazy enough), they re-created the vibes of a milonga, (and not those in La Boca), except with top-notch dancing worth plenty of championship points in a world-class competition. The quartet Tango Bardo is truly delightful. The violin, piano, double bass and you can't miss the trademark sounds of the bandoneon.

Tango music is marked by the time signatures of the habanera and its milonga variations. Tango music is perfect for figure skating. :) I didn't know all the pieces they used for the dances except for a few. Grinned when Cristian Chinellato sang 'Mi Buenos Aires Querido'; it was a song I learnt during a crash course in Spanish and Castellano. The tutor figured that music and its history would be the fastest way I could learn the basics of the language. Same went for the Homero Manzi (lyrics) and Lucio Demare (music) 1941'Malena' sung by Yamila Figueras. Pieces composed by Ástor Piazzolla are familiar too. The choreography used many of his compositions. Especially thrilled by Tango Bardo's arrangement and interpretation of 'Adiós Nonino'. It was performed an instrumental piece while the dancers had a break. Didn't expect that. Woot.

Seven pairs of dancers twirling on stage in a splendid riot of colors, precise footwork and sizzling chemistry. All legs, beautiful lines and extensions. Bravo! I was mesmerized. What a treat for the senses!

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