Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shopping for A Soundbar

I really don't mind playing minion to the girlfriends. It's usually pretty fun. These few weeks are all about my two bffs. R had the wedding (of which the wedding planner probably wanted to kill me), and D's moving into her new place and I volunteered to deck out her kitchen.

D's outfitting a brand new apartment and needed plenty of electrical appliances. In addition to the necessities (i.e. washing machine, dryer, fridge, oven, etc), she was fixated on getting a smaller than 1-liter kettle, which is virtually impossible to find. This kettle is separate from the gooseneck coffee boilers. It's just for boiling water, and she didn't want those 'country-style' versions. She's more of an industrial-design girl. HOWEVER, she was completely distracted by the 800ml 'Hello Kitty' kettle. I refused to get her that. NO WAY. There're so many choices of a kettle. She isn't particular enough to want to import one. A plain black one is cool. Luckily she likes black. If she can deck out the entire kitchen in black, she will.

D didn't bother to buy a television set for the apartment. Whatever for? Between her iPad, MacBook and iMac, she has more than enough screens to look at. But we both love a good sound in the space. Before she decided on a full stereo system or amps, she wanted a basic one. Choosing a soundbar is certainly easier than choosing kettles. We spent like 20 minutes talking about kettles. Within 10 minutes, she decided on a Sonos Playbar. Great choice. I'd be a beneficiary! Hurhurhurhur. So I also got her the soundbar plus the extended warrantee that would hopefully work if the distributor doesn't close down in the next five years.


Cavalock said...

Hah, the Philips electric kettle is the one I got.

imp said...

Hahaha. I'm SURE you didn't get any Hello Kitty print things. Philips is dependable lah. Like what the gf said, kettles are 'disposable'. She ain't paying more than like...S$50 or something for one.