Saturday, October 03, 2015

Truro Cathedral

With only like... 24,000 residents or so, Truro is the civic and historic center of Cornwall. Quiet and full of heritage, so much green surrounds it. Didn't have time to go kayaking or admire those dreary gorgeous grey seascapes and dramatic cliffs. Next time. I love northwest England (the Lakes). Not too taken with southwest England, but the cliffs seem very promising for a second visit.

Of course we made time to take short walks. However, walking is a slow activity. Rented bicycles to take us round the city. The friends are always up for it, but I'm not adventurous enough to think of taking bicycles out to Cornish Way where real cycling (23 to 25 miles) begins. The Londoners were enthusiastically making plans to come back for a long weekend to do that. Won't be my cup of tea... I'll take the treks and the hacks. Plenty of awesome trails.

There was time for a coffee with the friends and a stop at the beautiful Truro Cathedral. Built as an Anglican church in the Gothic Revival style sometime in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, it's one of the three churches in England to have three spires. The interiors held three pipe organs; among them, the magnificent Willis 1887 pipe organ. There're weekly lunchtime free recitals and evening concerts. What a pity we couldn't hear its sounds since there wasn't a practice scheduled when we visited.


D said...

i so love the southwest: cornwall, somerset, dorset. devon too, though not as much, but people are friendly. enjoy your trip! hope you get great weather!

imp said...

I remember your beautiful pictures from that 3-week trip winding through National Trust properties. Indeed lovely.