Friday, October 02, 2015

Hey There, Cornish Pasties

There's this whole thing about Cornish pasties. Apparently it was a nine-year campaign which culminated in 2011 to be successfully awarded the EU's 'Protected Geographical Indication' (PGI). That defined how a Cornish pasty should look- shaped like a 'D' and crimped at the side instead of the top. And also, if the menu lists that, then it should be prepared in Cornwall. However, the pasties don't have to be baked here; the ingredients needn't come from the county.

Okaaayy. I guess they're really serious about their pasties. In the olden days, when pasties are ready bal maidens would shout down the mine shafts, "Oggy Oggy Oggy!" and the hungry miners would respond "Oi Oi Oi!" I didn't realize this 'chant' was used that way too. Simply thought it was a cheer at sports stadiums. Hahaha.

I suppose it's just another version of the Asian curry puff or the LatAm empanadas. Or one could argue that the pasty is the original of all variations. Miners, globalization, etc. Whatever. I love them all! Except the sweet version served with jam and cream. There's an official definition of what goes into a Cornish pasty. But my tastebuds also want it vegetarian or with fish, which taste just as good. When I eat pasties (and pies), chilli sauce is needed. Why would restaurants or little joints serve chilli sauce here? I'd be lucky if they have tabasco. I'm prepared with travel-size packets of sambal in my bag. o.O

Pasty rolled out like a plate, Piled with turmut, tates and mate. Doubled up, and baked like fate. That's a Cornish Pasty. (~ Anonymous, an old rhyme)

I very much prefer pasties over the usual dainty sandwiches at English afternoon teas. I hold a special dislike of those tasteless cucumber sandwiches, unless they come with egg mayo or mushrooms. Hurhurhur. Gotta have at least one giant Cornish pasty. This one was fat and juicy, filled with diced beef, onions, swedes (not turnips) and potatoes. It definitely had a ton of butter. I hope it didn't hold lard too. It was delicious.

PS: Now I can't stop thinking about epok-epok kentang.


D said...

oh wow that's gigantic!

imp said...

It was twice the size of my open palm and fingers extended. Win.

coboypb said...

Looks yummy. Is it something to be shared or a hungry person can finish it up?

imp said...

@coboypb: this size, definitely sharing it! i can't finish it! but i suppose if somebody's really hungry, it makes a good one-dish meal.