Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cheers Seattle!

Figured that I would have too many photos of beers; they shouldn't all be posted. Hehehe. I'm really less of an alcoholic than what everyone thinks. Although, it is very difficult for me to say no to a beer in the Pacific Northwest. Too many good choices around. Popped into a neighborhood bar on a rainy Seattle night.

Ordering flights is always a great idea to taste different types of beers, or for a table to share the profiles. They aren't that tiny. A good volume. We could always start with a few flights, then narrow it down to what we want to nurse for the night. I generally end with a porter or an oatmeal stout of sorts. Love that rich brew. It's my kind of dessert.

This was right before Thanksgiving. At least at this bar, everyone seemed jolly enough. Dunno how most people feel about it. It could be either a drag or a joy; pretty much how we feel prior to attending huge family dinners, see humans we haven't seen for a while and be forced to be on more or less civilized behavior in close proximity for two days or a whole weekend. Obligations. I rarely do those anymore. The family I choose to see, is the family I choose to have. Ugh. Luckily for me, my friends are family, proven steadfast and awesome.

Thankfully, in the coming days, the people I've asked to meet with are those whose company I love and opinions I respect. Luckily they said yes and didn't mind my last-minute check-ins about coffee/beer/lunch/gigs/whatever. Or I haven't heard them grouch at me yet. Much love, Seattle.

A selection themed 'Northwest'. 
From left: Georgetown Rogers Pilsner, Elysian Men's Room Ale,
Leavenworth Boulder Bend Dunkelweizen, and Diamond Knot Industrial IPA.

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