Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hello Hello Kitty Plane

Eager to avoid the extra steps of taking a domestic flight at SFO or LAX. Both are crazy during this season, and I'm never keen to miss connecting flights because of prior delays. Didn't fancy clearing through security checkpoints four times either or having to drag my luggage out at either airport and send it to the domestic belt. Decided to fly EVA Air for the very first time. SIN-TPE-SEA. It's a way shorter route. Very sensible. One transit in Taipei and it's another 11hr direct into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Hurrah.

And as luck would have it, the first leg to Taipei was on a Hello Kitty plane. Zzzzzz. The long-haul to Seattle, thankfully, is free of Hello Kitty. Yayyy. BUT, if I wind up heading to EMP Museum, it has a Hello Kitty exhibition awaiting. The BFF and I should trade cities. She's the Hello Kitty fan on a work trip next door in a city that doesn't seem that big on the cat-with-no-mouth although it hosts loads of comic conventions big and small. If she really likes it so much, she can get on one to Paris, or if she has something to do there- Houston. I think the planes change their destinations every now and then. So if you really want to sit in a Hello Kitty plane, stalk its website.

No hope not getting Hello Kitty themed toilet paper...... Even the Harnn toiletries have been customized (quite tastefully lah) with the prints. The nice big pillow had Sanrio characters grinning at me. Like Little Twin Stars and My Melody. I was never into them as a kid, and am certainly not into them now. It was a tad horrific.

Flying one sector less meant saving myself TSA angst. After realizing people stuff marijuana rolls into chunky peanut butter jars, I now understand why my luggage full of bottles of sambal-something and kaya look suspicious. Packed no bottles of anything in the suitcases on this trip. I've also dispensed with the portable locks. (Never use the locks affixed on the suitcases.) The friends kept telling me to simply not bother with locking suitcases. I can't get past the psychological hurdle leh. So I used cable ties. Those did well. All the suitcases got in fine.

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