Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ed the Bear Goes On a Staycation

Squeezed in a quick lunch with Y and Missy. I don't often see Missy during the year-end holidays as I'm always away these months. Importantly, I've got to send a bear to Missy for his staycation.

This is Ed the Bear who sits in the car with three other bears. Since Missy was a wee one, she has somehow taken a shine to this particular bear. Each time she gets into the car, she asks to hug him. She's super fond of him! On many occasions, she asks to take Ed out with us to the park or to tea. The bear smugly sits on the table and gets carried around by little girl.

Last year, Missy thought that Ed the Bear would be a fun playmate during school holidays. So Ed went to stay with her and got thoroughly pampered. A few weeks back, she reminded the man and I that the long school holidays were coming up, and asked if Ed could go stay with her and her bears. All right!

Along with Ed, I packed cookies and color pens into the tote bag for the staycation. The man was immensely enthusiastic. We bought a little notebook for the little girl who loves to draw. He even wrote a little message to Missy in the name 'ED THE BEAR'. All in caps. Ahahaha. Missy was even more tickled and pointed out Ed doesn't have fingers and won't be able to grasp a pen that well. Oh whatever. He can use two paws and write in caps. Heh.

Ed the Bear will hang out with Missy for the school holidays. Told the bear to behave himself. No idea what they will be up to. Think they're gonna have loads of fun! I'll collect him in January. Hurhurhur.


coboypb said...

Sounds like Missy and Ed will be having a wonderful time together :)

imp said...

I think they will! hehe.