Friday, November 13, 2015

Earrings First

Said ring given away to a better owner.

I've got a few pieces from Choo Yilin since 2009. As designs are inspired and evolve, she has kept the signature style she likes to set her gemstones in. Lovely to see the standalone boutique up and running with a cheerful team dedicated to sending out beautiful jewelry to customers.

Choo Yilin is also known for her fine selection of jade bangles with customized gold and bronze wraparounds. As much as I'm intrigued by them, I could never bring myself to wear a jade bangle. Dunno, I'm just not comfortable with wearing jade on the skin. Like it feels strange and uneasy. So I've kept away all the pieces of jade that the dear grandmothers gave.

It's probably the strange hue of green that I'm not hot about. I love the bright sparkle of emerald. But I can't deal with a large dose of jade on a bangle. Every piece that's touted 'best, top grade and good' that's green and luminous, I dislike. To me, 'nice' is as pale as possible, grey or closer to white (known as 'mutton jade', nephrite. 羊脂白玉). Or black. I don't know jade; not willing to pay for it in nephrite or jadeite. Be it a bangle priced at $1000 or $8000, I can't tell what's so fantastic about either. Importantly, I'm fairly clumsy. A jade bangle on the wrist will chip and break into sad chunks within weeks.

Popped down to Choo Yilin to grab two rings and three pairs of earrings. One ring was set in gold and garnet. Love how simple it is. As for the second ring, I thought I could deal with a green band covered by a large gemstone- a smokey quartz. The matching pairs of earrings are set in rose gold with no jade accents. Perfect.

The ring of smokey quartz on a jade band, on the other hand, didn't feel too good the day after. At each glance, irritation rose. Dunno why. In short, the ring didn't feel 'me'. Gave it to a girlfriend who likes it; it fits her finger and she feels all right wearing it. Also bought jade donuts. Don't mind them on the ears. Couldn't deal with flowers or any floral motif, so pieces from Choo Yilin's 'Bamboo' series with its geometric lines are pleasing.

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