Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rain Shadow Meats

Woke up late. Lazed about and before we knew it, the stomachs were growling. It was time for brunch. Heh. Had to be prudent because we were meeting friends for lunch in two hours. No more stomach for huge meals. Sandwiches it was for munchies at Rain Shadow Meats. Turned up at 11am when the shop opened.

We went to the outlet at Pioneer Square. That's more of a sit-down sandwich eatery. The one on the Hill at Melrose Avenue is more of a full-service butchery, good when you want to pick up quality cuts of meat or grab stuff to-go. It's not a place for a sit-down meal. Although both outlets are sited a few doors down from a Taylor Shellfish oyster bar. Heh. Perfect for an after-meal snack.

Many choices of sandwiches at Rain Shadow Meats Pioneer Square. The man took the 'rain shadow press' which comprised house-made roast beef and mortadella, fra 'mani salami soprasatta, provolone, mama lil's, red bell pepper, cucumber, arugula, on ciabatta. Now this is what I call a sandwich. A proper one. None of that puny wimpy stuff with sad vegetables and brainless cuts of meat. The pickles were really tart. Eeeks. Not particularly welcoming even if they're meant to cut across the meat.

I chose a 'lambwich'. It was absolutely satisfying. It came with a warning though- for undercooked lamb. Okaaaay. Harissa lamb leg, cucumber, pickled fennel, basil pesto, on sourdough. It as very tasty! The pickled fennel was surprisingly edible. Loved it. The harissa and pesto totally complemented one another. Had to abandon one side of the bread. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to politely have lunch with the friends!

The 'lambwich'.

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