Sunday, November 29, 2015

Slate Coffee Roasters :: Pioneer Square

There're MANY good coffee joints in WA. You'll have favorites in the different areas of town. Say on the Hill, while I quite like hanging out at Starbucks Reserve Roastery,Victrola and Stumptown on the Hill, there're a few others I pop into.

Downtown, there's Storyville and Elm. Love Ballard's Slate. I'm at Ballard all the time, so the tiny coffee joint is perfect. However, in one week in September 2015, they opened two more outlets- one in downtown Pioneer Square and one at U-District. The downtown location is perfect and pretty convenient. Not as charming as Ballard's standalone, but still nice.

The man likes their deconstructed espresso tasting set of straight espresso, steamed milk and a latte. He's strangely excited over the milk. He was this close to ordering a cup of hot milk. Ahahaha. Didn't try. We haven't stepped into the coffeeshop with any children. The baristas might think him mad.

I'm skipping coffee with milk or cream. It's difficult to find good milk in Singapore, so I've swopped out to black coffee. When I travel, I stick to it. Milk is always dicey. Also, in case of the stomach reacting to it even though it isn't lactose-intolerant. So far, Slate's about the only coffeeshop that has brewed out the berries of Ethiopian beans (from Guji and Kilenso) in an even texture at the right temperature which I love. Mmmm. Buying them beans home!

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