Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Fog Rolled In

The crazy bunch of us went out to Green Lake Park for a picnic in the cold. It was 6°C and the sun was out. It was a gorgeous day with blue skies. Made an impromptu run to the shops to do take-outs. Literally seizing the sunlight hours.

Lovely to be outdoors seeing the waters, the golden yellow of the trees and enjoy the company. Might as well take the opportunity to get outdoors before the rains come in heavy. Anyway we were bundled up, had blankets and wouldn't stay out for more than an hour in the cold. The wind wasn't strong. We had many tubs of Thermos. It was pretty cool sipping coffee, hot mushroom soups and piping hot pasta.

An hour or so before sunset (currently at about 4.20pm), we packed up and got ready to leave. It began to turn really chilly. Then the fog rolled in. Like tendrils, it reached out. A freezing fog that's thick and dense, obscuring visibility, holding up flights at the airport and slowing traffic on the roads. Apparently Seattle's fog could sometimes stink like the sewers or rotting fish when it settles. Not this one! Whew.

I stiffled grins. Luckily not haze ah! Aiyoh. So many months of seeing Singapore's blurred skyline has made me bloody appreciative of brilliant blue skies, and mist or fog that doesn't smell charred. Fog came in real fast and temperatures dipped to 1°C. We drove super slowly to made sure everyone got home safe. Everywhere felt damp. Nightfall would be a good time to curl up on the couch with a good book.

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