Monday, December 07, 2015

Amazon Books

Had to visit the brave new physical store of Amazon Books at U-Village. The layout of the store isn't off-putting. There's a kind of familiarity to it. I confess that a large portion of the book budget is given to Amazon Kindle. No choice lah. I read fast and would end up with too many books and not enough shelves. Digital copies are easier to manage.

No price tags. Duh! Scanners in the store in each corner for browsers to check the prices. But why bother. Opening the Amazon app on our phones and scanning the books is the way to go. Full information in hand. Perfect. Strange that they didn't stock the one book ('Killing and Dying') from Adrian Tomine that I wanted. It was available online. So I ordered that for delivery the next day. Hehe.

The physical store won't cannibalize the e-store. It's like a very nice warehouse. It's good for consumers to have options. Say for example, there's a collection short stories  'Burnt Tongues', edited by Chuck Palahniuk. It was USD9 in paperback, but only USD2 on the Kindle. I'll take the Kindle. It isn't the type of book I want to keep forever.

There was an extra 30% discount off one book that day, or whichever is the highest priced in the pile. Hurrah! Bought some. Not many. When the man and I can't share books, our separate titles are too heavy to lug home lah. Had to be judicious in picking out which titles we might want to keep. No cash accepted for payment- credit cards only. Perfect. You know how I hate to carry cash around.


D said...

Nice! I would love to visit it one day too!

D said...

Comment for LET IT RAIN
After being in tropical weather for so long, I'm missing the cold. Even if it rains! Ok, at this time of the year, I don't appreciate the darkness though. Maybe it's not so bad in Seattle as compared to where I was before?
I love leather jackets too, but not for layering as it adds a lot of weight. ;P

D said...

OMG so many cute Hello Kitty stuffs on the plane! I'm not a Hello Kitty fan but the plane does look pretty cool with everything Hello Kitty. Haha... having said that, I also wouldn't deliberately book it unless it happens to fit my plan & schedule lah.

imp said...

Awww D. you're so sweet as to still comment on the previous posts and split them nicely. :) xo

I think the grey and darkness doesn't get to me that much. I'm not here for like three months. heh. but i'm okay with walking in the rain too. Seattle might feel even more depressing because it can rain whole day non-stop. Well, it probably rains 300 days a year. :p I wear leather jackets in SG all the time, so it's easy to carry one with me anytime. Two if it's a longer trip. Great for planes. I sleep in them! Heh.

I see that you might just get on the Kitty plane to Taipei for a short jaunt? Kekekeke. Taipei is nice and cold this time of the year!