Sunday, December 06, 2015

Let It Rain!

Since it rains all the time in King County (am mainly in Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue and Kirkland), and I do like walking everywhere, or head out to a light trail for two hours or so, I'm usually dressed in casual stuff and boots made for walking. Rarely do I pack wool dresses in unless there's a benefit or something. Winter layering is less fun when I live in the tropics and can't actually justify buying a full wardrobe. Haven't skied for years, so I've given away skiing gear. What's left are the thin parkas, fleece coats and all those base layers. 

It's extremely troublesome to carry Wellies and heavy rain boots in the suitcases. I need the space for everything else! Luckily, so far, I'm able to simply buy Wellies and leave them at the friends'. Heeeheee. At least they love me that much to allocate a space for two pairs of boots for me. Yay. if I feel like swopping out new coats for whatever reason, and any other warm sweaters, I can buy here. Don't even need the physical shops. Hate that. Will simply order them online for next-day delivery.   

A leather bag, tall boots, tights and jeans, a light down-filled parka (with a hood) over a cashmere top take me to 3°C. Scarves and gloves optional. If it goes lower, I add on a leather jacket. Love leather jackets. As a final layer before the parka goes on, they're so good against the damp and chill to take me to -6°C, which is more than sufficient to keep very warm in these parts.

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