Sunday, December 06, 2015

Must Eat Tofu Tacos

I've gone by Marination Station thrice. :P Once with the man, twice with the friends and once on my own. If I'm downtown, I take a walk to the Hill so it totally justifies all the food. When I'm in Bellevue or Kirkland, then I uber it out (uberX works very well here). Hurhurhur. It's a ridiculously happy lunch venue. And each time, I eat the exact same things.

There's something comforting about tacos and sliders. I love Marination Station's awesome tofu. It's an open secret that it's in the pressing and the marinade. We keep trying to make the taste of ours as close to these fantastic cubes. One could have it as tofu tacos, or add it to kim chi fried rice. The man loves its kim chi and the eatery does such a delicious one.

If you take pork, Marination Station's pulled pork sliders are great. Can't help but indulge in its spam sliders. Woohoo! It doesn't have the saltiness of Ma Ling luncheon meat. But it's fantastic with the veggies and sauces. Totally satisfying my twice-a-year binge on spam. Hahahaha. Don't lecture me about carcinogen stuff and spam. I know lah. I still want to eat it.

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