Saturday, December 05, 2015

Power Metal

Saw the description of the gig and giggled. Kamelot with DragonForce. Like it's a video game convention. Can lah. Bought tickets. Both bands do symphonic metal. The singers sing. No shrieking or growling. Lots of falsetto. Okaaaay. I like. As long as it's not black metal or full-on growling for every song, it'll do.

Resisted getting tees. They had tees in girlie sizes! Gaaah. All the long-hair men were out in force tonight. With these bands, there wasn't even a mosh pit. People simply power-punched the air. These are such melodic metal bands that I'm tempted to categorize it as 'rock'. :p DragonForce was so good. From London, their guitar solos were insane. Mad skills. Such awesome stage presence.

Kamelot came on about 10.15pm and played slightly over an hour from both old and new albums. Yayy. I listened to them since high school! Hahaha. Roy Khan left and since 2012, they have a new vocalist in the form of Tommy Karevik. Of course he's decent. But I've always only cares about the guitars and drums. With the new album and seeing them on stage, it's fantastic to know Kamelot is still as good, if not better.

What a hoot! Couldn't stop laughing when we left the gig. So old-school! The drums are so funny and totally mesmerizing. Power metal. Aiight.

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