Friday, December 04, 2015

Using The Oven

Having a kitchen here with the full works means we could buy produce and groceries and cook! At the markets, we don't have to gawk and sigh and can't buy. For convenience, we pop to either Pike Place Market or Ballard farmers' market. We have fruits galore. Even managed to get the last last last figs of the season. Yoghurt stocked up in the fridge too.

As much as we enjoy the restaurants and food trucks, there're days when cooking feels good too. Well, nothing major- using the oven mostly and not sautéing anything except bok choi and steaming a small pot of mixed grain rice which don't require much oil. I don't exactly want to clean up the entire kitchen spotless when I don't own it. Therefore, we haven't grilled meats or a fish yet. It's looking mighty tempting though.

Stayed in for an afternoon when the man had a ton of work calls. Decided to eat in too. It wasn't that cold, but once the fireplace got going at sundown, it felt really toasty to not move. Hahaha. We don't exactly need hot food all the time. And pizza (or what they call 'pie' here) isn't food! YUCKS. I hate pizza. It's a superbly unsatisfying piece of dough. I can tell a shit one for sure. But even the good ones don't bring happiness. I'm trying not to mention anything about Chinese food to the man. In case he wants his favorite Din Tai Fung. He can have Chinese food with the colleagues. I don't have such cravings, not even for Vietnamese phở. Eeeps. I don't really miss sambal here because I've got three packs of it in my bag! Ahahaha.

Decided to go light for dinner. Had a bunch of really cute baby potatoes. Made mash for carbs. Grilled broccoli with olive oil garlic, red pepper and pine nuts. They have to be brown, not black. So watch it in the final few minutes. It's easier to switch off the oven and let the heat crisp the tops when it's almost done. Sprinkle sea salt at will. Ta-dahhh!

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