Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Amazon Lockers

I more or less shop online. Don't fancy going to the shops in the US or anywhere else, and definitely no marathon sessions at factory outlets and the sorts. A monumental waste of time. Unless I need to buy underwear or shoes. Then it makes sense to quickly pop into the stores. I'd rather spend an hour at the park than at a fluffy boutique. Amazon is my best friend. I can grab stuff off any retailer online too. Even Vibrams and hiking boots. Returns are made so fuss-free and convenient.

Had to return a Kindle Voyage because I realized later that the Kindle Oasis will be out in six months, and I rather get that. Also had to return an extra Amazon Fire TV because somehow at checkout, there were two in the cart, of which I didn't notice, and two arrived. Ugh. The best part, I'm in Amazon-town. Very easy to return stuff and get refunds, no questions asked. Either they come pick it up or I leave it at an Amazon Locker somewhere. Decided to do the second option since that night's dinner venue was exactly where a locker is.

In Singapore, I simply mail back items to US, which requires bearing postage on my part. In US, of course it's free shipping, unless I opt for the USD12 express pick-up. I've never returned an item via a designated Locker. Had to take photos. Hahahaha. Fuss-free and convenient. Send in a return request, decide on a locker location, get a passcode for the next 24 hours, print out the packing slip with the barcode, and hop down to chosen location to place items in the locker.

SingPost has POPStations, but it's a partnership with the retailers, an alternative to PO Boxes which can't take bigger items. Amazon simply forwards all items ordered on to designated Lockers if you choose to collect and return that way.


Lyn Lee said...

Hihi, the sleep tracking thing automatically detects when you sleep and wake and charts how many times and when you were 'restless' in the night, so I get to see how fitfully or how deeply I slept. And charts it over a week etc so I find it pretty cool. :P there's a photo of the chart on my blog post a couple of weeks ago.

imp said...

I just went back to read your post on Fitbits after seeing this comment. Pretty interesting on the sleep tracking.