Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sunny Days by Green Lake Park

After too many spectacular meals, the dates with friends become jogs at the park, and sessions at pilates and Pure Barre of which we grab a light salad or smoothie after. It's a fantastic mood-lifter on wet grey days.

The rains have arrived in full force. I understood that this year it hasn't been that wet. Like the rains came in later, way after September. Trails are closed because of the crazy rain, and it isn't trekking season. :( One could still go into the woods, except we don't have the right gear, and we're not keen to get stuck in mudslides, and rain and floods as the weather turns and storms come in to dump snow. But I still need green, some sort of green. Once in a bit, blue too.

So we've hung out so often at the rather manicured Green Lake Park. It's just off Fremont and Ballard, a very comfortable city park. However, it's a stagnant lake, and with lots of duck and geese droppings, I wouldn't recommend swimming in it. Microscopic parasites. *shudder* In spring, the west shoreline blooms with pink and white cherry blossoms. It's an easy jog around the lake because it's only 4.5km. Heeeheee.

I really don't mind the grey and the rain. It's Seattle. *shrug* Just pull on a water-resistant parka and dance amidst the raindrops. But am so very glad to have caught rare sunny days over these few weeks. I do need to be here in summer properly again! Keep missing that time frame. Accck.

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