Thursday, December 17, 2015

Burgers at Two Doors Down

Met the awesome friends for dinner at Two Doors Down. It's the new family-friendly burger joint of Bottleneck Lounge owners Eric Nestor and Rebecca Denk.

After the hugs and the hellos, I was completely distracted by D's phone case. It was the largest thing ever when fitted onto an iPhone 6S PLUS. She gamely posed for me. LOL! This Hello Kitty is EVERYWHERE!

The burgers were classic American, and totally satisfying. Dunno if one would call it gourmet, but the burgers are exactly what I want in them. The selection of beers was plentiful and differently curated from other eateries. I took a green chile burger. Not that spicy-hot, but it did provide a bite. Nice! The man took a banh mi burger. It was a banh-mi-inspired burger with the pickles and all that, but it still came with a succulent beef patty. Not that greasy and very tasty meats. The fries wore skin! The only thing- I miss having chilli sauce with burgers and fries. Ketchup does nothing.

On East Madison Street, Two Doors Down is sited within a quiet residential stretch off the back of the Hill. It's quite the perfect venue for us to meet the friends and their children. We easily eat early at 5.30pm too. There's a little play corner right by the door with cooking 'utensils' and board games to entertain the littles. While we lingered over dinner, the kids 'served' us extra dessert, ramen and broccoli. Extra pickles for the table too. The kids loved pickles. I had them in the burger and didn't need more. I had beer and didn't order the lemonade. Gaah. It looked really sour-sweet and I forgot about stealing sips from the girls.

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