Thursday, December 17, 2015

Whizzing Around

I finally got to try that 'two-wheeled gyroscopic skateboard thing'. It's not so much of a 'hoverboard'. More like a small Segway with no handlebars. It's so awesome! Wheeeeee. The little girl was so good at it. She whizzed around so fast. Then she offered to let me try it. Okay! It couldn't be that difficult if I can ski and skate.

Yes. That's a Hello Kitty mug which held hot coffee. Many items in that kitchen are printed with the cat-with-no-mouth. o.O I'm very sanguine about being surrounded by it since the BFF and the closer girlfriends seem to love the cat to bits.

Stepped on, and listened to tips from the little girl. She knows the tricks and the secrets! She even told me to get off it from the back. That one was precious piece of information! Realized that slight movements easily moved the gyroscopic balls. Didn't need handlebars. I could balance fine. Within minutes, I was whizzing around too, although slowly. I'm taller and heavier than the little girl. Would not like riding straight into the kitchen counter. Hahahahaha. It was really fun!

I've been eyeing it as the perfect accessory to getting me to the supermarket and back with groceries. Hurhurhur. Except it's illegal on the pavements. Finally tried it out and understand how it moves. It can't go up and down kerbs and stairs. Flat ground only, for sure. Unless I can jump it. I'm going home to check it out. Unlike a skateboard, this is heavy and I can't quite lug it around comfortably. NYC and Britain have completely banned it. US airlines have banned it in check-in luggage. Amazon pulled it from its listings. The news articles keep telling us that these things spontaneously catch fire and all that because of the batteries. Gaaah. But I still want one! Are there brands not made in China?

R's super steady on the 'hoverboard'. 

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