Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Cheese Everything!

Greatest food indulgences on this trip- poutine and mac 'n' cheese. Carbs, sodium and fats galore. Don't care. I rarely get good ones at home. Gonna eat all I can now. Woot.

Love this particular lobster mac and cheese from Seastar Restaurant in Bellevue. The restaurant has lovely choices of salmon beautifully grilled. Very enjoyable. But I'm really here for the fabulous lobster mac and cheese- Maine lobster, onion cream sauce, crispy asiago-cheddar topping and a gigantic slab of Délice de Bourgogne. Tasted as good as it did when I first had it two years ago. 

The other day I had poutine at a restaurant that didn't know how to do it. They used melted cheese. WTF. You gotta have curds in poutine otherwise it's crap even if the fries are good! Gaaah. That was simply a bowl of cheese fries. Pffft. The same restaurant's seafood was impressive, but the chef can't do a good clam linguini. The clams were awesomely fat and juicy, and absolutely wasted on limp overcooked strange strands of flour, and a terrible concoction of parsley, olive oil, garlic and chilli. The kitchen managed to screw up a simple linguine con le vongole.

I really like cheese curds. Squeaky cheese! Been popping them every other day like vitamins. The most convenient place to get fresh curds is from Beecher's. Of course they deliver too. Best. Stashed a few tubs in the fridge. Hurhurhur. They can't keep that long. Eat them fast. Fresh curds could be dumped into soup to melt. Especially yummy with tomato soup and loads of onions. Mmmm.


Larissa Lim said...

Oooooh Beechers! Super NOMS!!!

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