Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Classic Alt Rock

Went out to Ballard's Tractor Tavern to watch local indie rock bands Sporty Lee, Lowlands and headliner Motopony. We were early and managed to chope a space at the high chairs at the back. Yay. That meant I could stand up on the chair's legs if I need to better view. Heeee.

Sporty Lee took the stage first. Neither the man or I am familiar with them, so quite cool to hear them play. Then Lowlands played many songs from their new album 'The Whale'. Towards the end of their set, they covered Radiohead's 'There, There'Motopony is a band we do know. I really like '1971'. Classic alternative rock. Very enjoyable.

It was a very local crowd. I suppose nobody bothers to coming out to see these bands unless they kinda know them. But it was crowded enough tonight. That's the thing about this city- people go out for a drink and watch bands play on any night. Just to check out the music, regardless of whether they know anything about the bands. There're almost always a gig even during this season when most bands have stopped touring.

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