Thursday, December 10, 2015

Un Bien :: Cuban Sandwiches

Paseo's still good after it re-opened, and they finally take credit cards. However, it's in new ownership under Ryan Santwire and he didn't get the original recipes. But by re-hiring Paseo's workers, the taste of the Cuban sandwiches didn't skip a beat. (There's no queue now.) We still like it. However, I confess I prefer Un Bien a little bit more.

Un Bien is opened by the sons of the old owner of Paseo- Julian and Lucas Lorenzo. We had to go check it out. Done in pink too, the eatery is nicely situated in Ballard. People pull up in a constant stream to get lunch. But the queues aren't as crazy as what Paseo used to see. Very manageable now. There was a small seating area outdoors. But the overhead heaters were great on a blustery cold bright morning.

We were greedy and got the 'Fire-Roasted Corn' which was ridiculously crunchy from the grill yet juicy inside and held fantastic sauces. "Fresh corn on the cob grilled over anopen-flame, coated with aioli, parmesan, cilantro, salt, paprika, and fresh lime juice." Get the fingers greasy! Hehe.

I do love a good drippy Cuban sandwich. Took the 'Onion Obsession' at spice level four. Chehh. Should have gone to five lah. It's exactly what it says- onions. FULL OF ONIONS. YUMMY. "Caramelized onions sautéed in our garlic tapenade and tossed with fresh sprigs of cilantro and jalapeño peppers." The man picked out the 'Caribbean Roast' of "pork shoulder coated in marinade and slow-roasted until it falls into succulent morsels."

Oh happiness! Such awesome Cuban sandwiches. Hearty, delicious and totally hits a spot any day. Un Bien is ridiculously delicious.

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