Friday, December 11, 2015

SMooCH 2015

Popped into this year's SMooCH (Seattle Musicians for Children's Hospital) with the friends. It was most certainly a rather uhh corporate gig that had emcees and performances that started on time with fifteen-minute changeovers. Heh. But of course. It's a fundraiser after all.

While we went mainly for headliner The Afghan Whigs, we were also curious about the rest of the line-up. After canapés and food tasting which more or less comprised dinner, Grace Love and The True Loves opened the evening at 8.30pm. She has such an amazing voice. All soul and feel. Was merrily jiving along to her tunes.

Seattleite singer-songwriter and spoken word artist Mary Lambert's read more poems than did songs tonight. Young, talented and a bit angsty, she speaks about topics close to her heart- body image, against fat-shaming, social misfits, misogyny, and self-love. 

Really not a fan of Sir Mix A-Lot (of "I like big butts and I cannot lie."). Can't stand DJ sets, rap and hip hop. Zzzz. Cannot appreciate them lah. Left the venue for a breather before the set.

The Afghan Whigs came on last at 11.30pm. They've stuck to alternative rock, but their style which uses loads of soul and R&B has evolved so much since 1986. They broke up in 2001, got back briefly in 2006 to release two songs, then minus drummer Steve Earle, reunited in December 2011 and then lost guitarist Rick McCollum. But it doesn't impact their creation of a new album in 2014. 'Do to the Beast' is still as good as those albums in their prime!

They played like three songs from the old days. Everything else was from the 2014 album. Brave choice, but this was a fundraiser, so why not? The band was so tight on stage. As headliners, they did the longest set of about an hour. Totally too short! 

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