Sunday, December 13, 2015

Food Trucks!

We do like chasing the food trucks here only because we don't have it in Singapore. There're hawker centres, but they don't do decent sandwiches and such. Come lunchtime here, there're usually three to four trucks in a row offering different menus. Plenty to choose from. At lunch, we often want sandwiches or to eat at somewhere casual. Literally to 'grab lunch'.

One afternoon while running errands between Kirkland and Bellevue, I caught the Cheese Wizards for a simple but damn good grilled cheese sandwich. I was super happy. There was also Where Ya At Matt serving up Cajun/Creole and Southern. I ignored that. Sent photos to the man who was at work; he spotted the red truck, and was super bummed to have missed it. He wanted them po' boys. Awww.

Then the other day after a coffee with the friends at Pioneer Square, we randomly bummed into Where Ya At Matt's truck. It was raining, but not an issue for the fans who really wanted a po' boy. The man found space to squeeze down an oyster po' boy. Heh. It was full of mayo and fried stuff with some token strands of carrots. He loved it.

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