Sunday, December 13, 2015

For A Sushi Fix

Very naturally, I miss sushi. While in Seattle, by now, I don't want to eat nigiri sushi at anywhere except Shiro's. It's because I get to taste the expected familiar flavors on really balanced rice. It's a bonus that the vibes are casual and not fancy. Popped in to the restaurant at 8.30pm and got a seat at the counter for four persons within 10 minutes. I like how restaurants here always serve iced water. Yay. Yah, it's near winter and all, but I don't drink tepid or warm water at all. Unless I'm freezing in the mountains or something.

Sat at Chef Tsuyoshi-san's omakase table. He has improved loads since the last time we ate his sushi! Could taste fresh albacore tuna again. It's a fish we don't get at home, and something I wouldn't want to take too much of because of its questionable mercury levels. By now, I've learnt that I don't like the flavors of the sea urchin and geoduck (both raw and cooked) in these waters. The brine of the uni here is very different and carries a heavy metallic twang that I'm not fond of.

The mackerel was stunning! Smoked, cured and all. Very lovely flavors brought out. Not expecting to have that tonight, so the three pieces were a good foil to the sea perch and flying fish topped with liver.

At some point, I had to decline more sushi. The stomach could only fill so many pieces! The friends were just as stuffed. Finished off with a clear soup of pine mushrooms (or matsutake). As always, what an absolutely satisfying dinner.

Three pieces of mackerel.
From left:
 Spanish mackerel smoked; marinated in sea salt; and a King mackerel. 

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