Sunday, January 03, 2016

A New Pair of Sunnies

In short, V bought a few pairs of sunnies online that didn't fit because we only just realized Tom Ford made them in different fits. I never knew that either!

Instead of doing the returns thing, V asked me to see if they sit all right on my nose bridge. One pair did. So V decided that I should have it as super-early birthday present. Woot. Apparently, this pair is a non-Asian fit. Very strange. Not like I have a sharp nose bridge. The cheekbones are quite high though. The Asian fit literally sat on my cheeks. Cannot leh.

I'm mainly in Oakleys on this trip. Doing things mah. Oakleys are polarized too and works great against strong sunlight and glare. Need a practical pair for running, climbing, salt water and perspiration.

I brought along this new pair of Tom Ford anyway. Just for fun! I wouldn't have bought it for myself. Love the huge shades, but they are too fashionable. LOL. Only the good friends would be able to pick them out for me and insist I wear them. Like clothes and whichever accessories too. Heh.

Thanks girlfriend! Super love the huge sunnies that cover half the face. xo


Unknown said...

HEEE. They look great on you! ;D


h o b o m o b o said...

It does look great on you! How are the dives?

imp said...

bmuse: Wooohooo.

hobomobo: Fab! Amed, plenty barracudas, sharks and great visibility. Also, nudibranchs.