Sunday, January 03, 2016

Lobsters at Sunday Brunch

This was the most un-Balinese meal we've had and would probably have over the course of this trip. We were chatting with the friends and somehow thought we should hang out for a bit before they continued on to Kintamani.

It was like a belated celebration of M's birthday, so we ended up going to Fairmont Sanur's Sunday lobster buffet brunch. Thankfully, it wasn't crowded. It was pretty decent. We ate so much.

There was the buffet spread, and the menu to order an endless supply mains. A whole leg of parma ham. The servers also came around with plenty of other dishes like salmon sashimi and smoked barramundi. So decadent! The lobsters didn't disappoint. Maine and local lobsters aplenty cold and grilled. They also came in the form of a bisque, pastas, risotto, sandwiches, seafood laksa, etc. Delicious.

Of course the restaurant isn't air-conditioned. Eating was hot work. I gulped like five tall glasses of freshly squeezed guava juice. Those made up dessert. Totally avoided the ondeh-ondeh and chendol. Was happy with the appetizers and mains. Filled up the stomach almost to bursting point. Took a long walk along the beach to literally sweat it off before taking another long swim.

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