Saturday, January 02, 2016

Warung Nasi Ayam Men Weti

Bothered very little with the breakfast buffet at the hotel. It's included in the room price. While it's got loads of stuff typical in an Asian hotel buffet, it isn't enticing; although we welcome a few pieces of bread and muffins packed in a box for us when we head out early for the various activities. If we sit down for breakfast, then we rather venture to the local makan stalls.

Then there was a morning breakfast at Warung Nasi Ayam Men Weti. As usual, no menu. Didn't have to bother with whatever. We just had to decide on how many plates wanted. Speak bahasa hor. No English here. The warung only serves one dish. Balinese style nasi ayam. I think the locals pay RP20,000, and the foreigners (including domestic tourists) pay RP25,000 for each plate (~ S$3). Am certainly not going to quibble. At least they didn't charge me RP30,000 for being a total silly foreign tourist. With deep fried chicken skin, shredded chicken, offal and pepes ikan. Vegetables consist of cassava leaves and sorts, fried peanuts, and sambal matah.

One woman (daughter?) was solely in charge of dishing out each and every plate, so customers gotta have a ton of patience. Average waiting time is 20 minutes. Ibu Made Weti sorts out everything else and well, supervises. It might seem like a chaotic mess of humans crowding around the stall, but there's a system. Just wait for your turn and put in orders after people in front of you.

Wah lau, the out-of-town Ibus are damn scary man. Dunno where they're from. They pushed to the front and were so fierce in ordering. I refused to budge. I was there first; politely ordered earlier and waited. The kak-kak dishing out the plates didn't seem to like the impatient and stern tone of the out-of-town Ibus to my either elbow. She knew I had quietly waited, and handed me the next four plates. Yay. She also gave me the last two eggs- half an egg for each plate. Nobody else behind had eggs unless the stall cooked and peeled more in the next hour. SCORE. Small victories. The odd mix of sambal and tomato sauce on the eggs was delicious.

Warung Nasi Ayam Men Weti
Jalan Segara Ayu, Sanur
Bali, Indonesia
Hours: 7am to 11.15am-ish or when they sell out.


D said...

yummy local food!!
have lotsa fun in Bali, but stay safe!

imp said...

I will, thanks!