Friday, January 01, 2016

Rafting Down Telega Waja

Am happiest in and around water. As much as I love the mountains, I'm a water baby. Nothing better than to plop into the sea for a few easy dives and see if the lungs are agreeable to this sort of depths. I miss diving so much. You're with people, amongst nature, and yet alone. It's glorious.

Went rafting at Telega Waja in Karangasem, right below Mount Agung. The two hours it took for us to go 16km downstream made it moderately fun with a 4m drop just before the end of the journey. Much better than the not-very-exciting Ayung River which is quite dirty now. Telaga Waja is still beautiful. While paddling, we remembered to look up to admire the green and the water. This river really should be preserved and kept clean for many to enjoy.

In a raft of four with the friends, we had bits of extra adventure when our raft got stuck on a rock and filled up fast with water. We had to get out to push the raft off. Then I underestimated how light it was and kinda fell in with the raft when it slid off the rock. Heard lots of screaming when I surfaced. Everyone else was still on the rocks. Our guide looked concerned and tried to come after me asap, but the current was strong; he also had to hold on to the raft. I was okay! It wasn't difficult to swim against the current, and I easily swung back into the raft. Yayy.

Hahaha. Part of the fun. Luckily I didn't hit my head or got caught under the raft. It was a smooth part of the river without too many jutting rocks to crack my ribs and elbows. What an awesome mini adrenalin rush.

It's a new year. Hello 2016. As crazy as the world gets, I hope to find pockets of sanity and carve out precious moments of solitude. 

You have a good one too. Define your happiness.

Watching the rather hilarious video of the ride from M's GoPro.

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