Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ตาเกียรติ์ ณตลาดโต้รุ้งปากน้ำปราณ

The man was most curious about Thai braised pork leg on rice. 'Khao kha moo' (ข้าวขาหมู). The friends found him a much raved about local stall named เกียรติ์ (pronounced 'Kieyt'; presumably the owner's name) at the Pak Nam Pran market. Off we went for supper.

It's like a hawker center, but with way fewer stalls and hold more portable food carts. There's a wet market adjacent to this building. By day it looks like it has other food carts catering to the morning crowd for breakfast and lunch. There's even an art gallery of sorts there, i.e the building for dry goods. By night, it's also a space for another set of food carts to serve up dinner to the locals. BEST.

'Khao kha moo' is a one dish meal, so the language barrier should be non-existent. Unless you want the lean meat with no fats, then pointing might not work. You gotta try to explain it via whatever online translator and whichever photos you can pull out. :P It's a friendly town.

The one dish of khao kha moo came with some sort of leafy vegetables (chye sim, bok choi or kai lan), plenty of coriander and bits of preserved vegetables. Pickled rather. Those weren't as salty as I hoped for. Hahahaha. I didn't bother much with supper. I tried out the stew/gravy, ate the egg and passed the meat to the friends. It's pork, and I'm really not a fan. Appreciated chillies and garlic put out on the table for us. Loved those.

This stall does theirs a tad sweet. I would prefer food to be salty rather than sweet. Anyway. If you're early enough and the noodle stall next door hasn't closed, you could get noodles with the pork leg and even a bowl of soup with fishballs. Too bad that when we got there at 8.45pm, the noodle stall had sold out its stuff. :(

The man's not keen on the fatty bits. He wants the lean parts of the leg and is more interested in the flavors of the stew. He totally enjoyed that. The portions were not big and there was less guilt in cleaning out the meat, vegetables and rice.

'Kieyt' (no English signs though)
Pak Nam Pran Night Market
Pak Nam Pran, Pran Buri District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand
(Market is at the roundabout.)

เกียรติ์ (ข้าวขาหมู)
ตลาด โต้รุ่ง ปากน้ำ ปราณ อ ปราณบุรี จ ประจวบ ฯ

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