Wednesday, January 20, 2016

To Market To Market

We shop at wet markets at home, so we're naturally curious about the ones in Pranburi. Same same but different. The produce at these markets are way fresher. So for our attempts at Thai dishes, we go to the local markets to procure all that we need, including beancurd. For curry paste and all that, we buy chillies and spices to pound them ourselves.

Did our rounds of the local markets, and on cooking days, the resort's chef came with us to help out and well, answer all our questions. Eyeballed all that we wanted to buy home. Can't quite buy it before the drive to Bangkok. Dunno if it'd keep, and the fridge in the suite isn't that big. Neither do we want to stink it up with bottles of paste and whatnots. Heh.  

The markets open as early as 4am. Seafood, meats, chillies and condiments galore. Everything you need to cook the many variety of Thai dishes, soups and snacks. I love the smell of all that food. And amazingly, for some strange reason, there weren't flies buzzing around the stalls. Very pleasant.

Locals shop here, and few tourists bother to visit. The storekeepers were rather amused by us popping in. I converse fine with the stall-keepers, as in just to state what we would like in terms of weight and portions. But for certain things the man wanted to know, I didn't know the Thai word for it and had to furiously google. It's like I know 'beef lungs' as our local bahasa 'paru'. I know the Thai word for beef, but I certainly didn't know all the body parts of a cow! OOF. 

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