Saturday, January 09, 2016

Byeee Bali!

People forget that I am an introvert. I don't. I can't. I know that since I was a kid. When work made me do those MBTI things, mine always turns out to be an unwavering INTJ. Social interactions in large groups exhaust me. Time-outs are needed otherwise I get into this funk where I just want to hide and read and not do anything else. Not going to be apologetic about it.

It's been such an enjoyable stay in Bali. I wanted to get in touch with nature. Got that plenty. Sunrises, sunsets, blazing mid-day sun, surf, sand, sea, volcanoes, paddy fields, rivers, mud and green. Glad to have hung out with a bunch of humans who also understand the value of silence and solitude. That is deeply appreciated.

Didn't overload on the booze. Well, since local beer was shite, we relied only on the whisky in the room. Not totally convinced about paying for cocktails. Cannot deal with hangovers since we gotta wake up early most mornings. Amazing that we didn't over-eat. Or rather whatever we ate, it was completely exercised off within hours. It's hot and humid, but nothing intolerable when we're dressed down light and casual in dri-fit and all that. Thankful that we didn't even get rained on much wherever we went even though this is rainy season.

Bali and her people have been incredibly hospitable, albeit with heavy police presence over the festive season. The south is still mad with throngs of humans. Tourism drives the economy of this island. There'll always be pockets of quietude on this island. We just have to find them. Managed to do so on each too-short trip. Since the last visit in 2010, there've been so many changes. Some for the better for sure. Dunno when I'll be back. Till then.

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