Friday, January 08, 2016

Ate Loads of Balinese Spices

Resolutely stuck to local food in small warungs. Those have been pretty decent. Can't blame me for missing sambal belado and sambal matah, the sorts. I've no interest in bebek anything, ayam betutu or babi guling. Luckily the man came to Bali recently with the boys on a stag party trip and ate all the meats. Heh. It means that on most days, I get to decide on what I want for meals.

Lots of nasi padang available along the tiny stalls that lined the streets. The one thing I didn't want to eat was nasi lawar- vegetables, grated coconut, minced meat and fresh thick blood. Save for medium-rare steaks, I don't have a thing for animal blood in congealed form.

We did head out to a nicer restaurant at Gangsa Private Villas. They even did a complimentary pick-up from anywhere in Sanur. The resort sent us back too. That was really a pleasant surprise. Like most places in Bali which are non air-conditioned, it has a problem with mosquitoes. Oh well, just slap on all the mozzie repellent in spray or adhesive form, and one should get away with minimal bites. Or none. It isn't so bad in the restaurant. But the villas might be a problem. Need like total fumigation because of where it's situated. It's further inland.

Its Gong Restaurant offered a Balinese rijsttafel. Perfect for sharing between two, or four if additional dishes are desired. There were beef rendang and a babi kecap (braised pork with sweet soy), chicken sate, and a mahi-mahi fish. They offered different sambal along with the meal. Sambal sere tabia, sambal matah and sambal belado. Yummy! In sambal heaven.

There was rice provided. The sort with fried shallots on top. I love it! But we were greedy and ordered an additional nasi goreng vegetarian that came with lots of tempeh, and a bebek betutu (slow cooked duck). The spices were beautiful. Totally blissed out. What a splendid dinner.

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