Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Foot Rub

The big toenails are royally bruised. More treks are planned. Wondering if they will finally fall off in a few weeks when I'm done with these muscle-building and core strength training sessions.

Blisters have formed at the sides and under the feet. Blister plasters have been slapped on. Lathered antiseptic lotion and cream. Walking continues. There isn't much pain. Those plasters work well. After two days, the blisters have simply skipped the blood and pus stage to become dried skin. Whewww.

I'm not interested in massages this round. Indonesian massages don't knead deep enough. Even those that indicate 'deep tissue'. Honestly, the various activities done have stretched out all kinks and muscles so well. Don't particularly like stripping in places that smell funky. None of us feel like paying S$120 for a massage at a higher-end spa in a resort on this trip. We were more focused on the activities scheduled than chilling out at the spa. Heh. We can get those massages at home.

Ah, after all that walking, a foot rub would be nice. Don't need the S$40 an hour at the fancier spas for a foot rub that isn't foot reflexology (and I get a better deal back home). But a foot rub at the smaller places is welcomed. At RP70,000 to RP100,000 (~ S$7.50 to S$10.50) for an hour, that's pretty okay. It's more soothing than useful in ironing out aches.

There're many shops along Sanur's Jalan Danau Poso and Jalan Danau Tamblingan, and the surrounding streets. That's the main stretch of town where most tourists pop by, say the supermarket and the ATMs. Pick any massage shop that looks good to you. Randomly stepped into one, liked it and returned a second time. Did two foot rubs so far. Totally no frills. Cool. At least it has proper chairs to recline on. I find it rather strange to lie down for a foot rub. Again, it's not foot reflexology. It's more of long soothing strokes and a little kneading to even out obvious knots. Felt great.

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