Thursday, January 07, 2016

Maya's Coffee & Smoothie Bar

Since we're mainly in Sanur, naturally we found a cafe to return to almost daily for a juice or a smoothie- Maya's Coffee & Smoothie Bar. Tried a number of other cafes dotting the streets and didn't quite fancy their smoothies and juices. Many cafes add sugar to their smoothies and juices, and even to coconut water. Like sugar syrup into a whole coconut. Most cafes don't do smoothies in the thick lovely texture that we hope for. Maya's is pretty good and churns out smoothies the way we like it.

Afternoons usually find us there. Didn't bother with the wifi since we had data-SIMs that allowed us to port out to laptops and tablets. The 3G is faster than most wifi; there's no 4G as LTE is still on trial and we can't seem to pick it up via Telkomsel. It's a nice quiet place to chill out if we don't feel like alcohol. A cold juice on a hot day is best thing ever. I like Balinese coffee. The simple grounds in a French press. Hearty and strong. Ahhh beach life.

Maya's also does salads and sandwiches, eggs, tomato soups and pasta. There's oatmeal porridge too! But we haven't tried it. It's usually just drinks- the milkshakes, coffees and smoothies. There was one day we came in for a non-local easy breakfast because the man felt like banana nutella pancakes. Heh.

Maya's Coffee & Smoothie Bar
Jl. Pantai Sindu, Sanur
Bali 80228, Indonesia
Hours: 8am to 8pm

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