Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Cocktails at Sunset

Some people insisted that a trip to Bali wouldn't be complete without sunset cocktails at a club. What the crap. I totally dislike lounge music and DJ sets. It's not my kind of scene anymore lah. Also I didn't want to be in these sort of venues over the festive period. "One drink!" They said. Fine. Went to the most horrifying of the lot along Seminyak- Potato Head, and hoped we don't die in a blast.

Potato Head is so painfully hip that you'd feel like a slob in a boring get-up of tees and bermudas, unless you're supermodel-thin or you wear them with such flair that you look camera-ready, and don't look like a regular human heading out to the wet markets or kopitiams. Anyway, Bali's restaurants and clubs aren't exactly air-conditioned. Dresses are much cooler than tees and shorts. Flopping around in a dress is certainly good for flicking off sand after hitting the beach.

The beers kinda sucked, even though the menu offered more than the usual beers. Do not order the local beers except for Bintang, preferably served ice-cold. Potato Head's menu has an impressive list of cocktails, mocktails and juices. Smoothies too. Fresh fruit, yoghurt and bananas feature rather heavily in the concoctions.

My companions lapped it all up, including the cocktails. Eioowww. Too sweet. I stuck to whisky. Well, bourbon in this case. As much as I dislike the vibes in Seminyak and its 'beach clubs', they do possess the best alcohol list in Bali, and do a mean mix of cocktails. Potato Head's cocktails are certainly fantastic. Dunno how strong the alcohol content is, but arak-infused coffee beans sound intense.

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