Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hog Wild

None of us wanted to go to Naughty Nuri's in Ubud. But the man and the friends were keen on checking out Hog Wild. It was crazy traffic from Sanur to Kerobokan. Ah Bali. To get to anywhere, we sit in the vehicle for at least 80 minutes.

At least the cabs now are plentiful and metered, at a starting fare of only RP7000 (~ S$0.72). It's about RP130,000 (~ S$13.30) from Sanur to Kuta or Seminyak, depending on traffic. Since we aren't going into these two towns more than thrice, we did away with hiring a car and a driver for these short trips.

Balked when we got there. It was teeming with humans at 7pm. The eatery was full. Good lawwd. The sheer size of the waiting horde of humans was scary. Luckily Hog Wild used a buzzer system to control the wait list, but it can't stop humans from clogging up the sidewalk. Spied empty seats at the bar. So I asked the servers very nicely if we could sit at the bar. After all, only four seats were needed. We didn't care about being seated at a table. They gave it to us and we completely skipped the queue. Hurhurhur.

I don't understand this fascination with pork or ribs. I'm not particularly fond of pork. As long as there're other items on the menu, I'm okay tagging along to whichever eatery. On a side note, I'm not enamored with the Balinese eateries opening up in Singapore. Having had one utterly shitty experience at the stupid duck place at Chijmes, I'll never bother to eat at any of those again. Their prices are insane, lousy service, food isn't up to par, and importantly, I couldn't care less about duck or pork.

There were grilled corn, nasi goreng and spicy fruit rojak for me. Hurrah. The others were thrilled with the two full racks of beautifully marinated pork ribs, and well flavored clear pork rib soup. They were in love with those ribs. By the time we finished dinner, we were completely soaked and beads of perspiration dripping off our ear lobes. Hot hot humid night at a hot hot hot eatery.

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