Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Congee :: Jok :: ข้าวต้ม

Pretty decent option on EVA Air!

Not hot about Teochew and Taiwan style porridge. Not so much of the accompanying dishes, but the porridge itself. Rice grains floating around in lots of soup/water just don't do anything to stimulate the tastebuds.

I love porridge boiled from oats or rice. Could have that daily. I love it as congee, Cantonese style thick or in Thai style as khao tom (ข้าวต้ม), which the Thais also call it 'jok'. Although there's no differentiation in the name between thick and watery khao tom. Arrrrgh. Gotta try your luck at the different eateries.

Am so lucky that on these trips, I got a lot of congee. Wheeeee. There were options for congee on EVA Air and I ordered those and fruits for all the sectors. The body clock would still be adjusting and there's no way I could ever eat a full meal at say 1am after I get on a flight that departs at midnight or slightly past. All I want to do is to sleep and when I wake up, I do not want to stuff anything heavy into the stomach beyond fruits and yoghurt. Congee works well. I simply ignore the minced meat. Most Asian-based airlines offer congee.

I love congee with salted eggs and century eggs. And bits of chilli. Soy sauce and fish sauce are welcomed, but usually the congee would already be flavored. Don't usually need more seasoning. Well, I don't eat the yolk of salted eggs. Just the whites. So the saltiness go well with the congee. Century eggs are like...LOVE. Hahaha. Imagine my glee when I saw an entire platter of spicy salted egg salad at Baan Amphawa's breakfast buffet table, along with ikan bilis and khao tom.

Lots of decent-enough congee on EVA Air to and fro Seattle, and on Singapore Airlines to and fro Bali and Bangkok. Requested for congee the moment I spied it on the menu. And at the hotel breakfasts too. Needless to say, the first thing I wanted to eat again when I got in at night, was congee. Well, too bad no nasi padang stalls are open at night. So to Maxwell Market's Hoe Kee Porridge (和记粥) it was. Happiness.


Iva Aminuddin said...

now i feel like eating porridge... but bubor masjid style, slightly spiced and my mum cooks it with lentils and nuts!

jo said...

We'd make perfect porridge buddies -- gimme the salted egg yolks!

imp said...

Iva: cook it! And i know you didn't take a photo of that ice-cream you just had! :p

Jo: aiiight! Gimme your whites!