Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sea Bream for Dinner

Did the groceries at Tekka Market and spotted such beautiful fresh sea breams. Picked a huge one at 1.5kg and asked the stall to fillet it. Think it was S$22 thereabouts. All clean and it only needed to be rinsed before cooking. Didn't plan on fish for dinner, but this bream was so fresh that it would be a complete waste not to cook it on the same day.

Haven't seen the BFF for ages. We were both away on different sides of the world. A flood of protracted work trips have come in for her this quarter; it means she disappears for weeks on end, maintaining only online contact. Plus she's gone bonkers filling up her nights and weekends training for a few upcoming half marathons. No, I'm not insane enough to train with her. Grabbed her for a casual makan at home since there was the sea bream. Just fish, pasta and soup. An easy two-course meal. Woot. BFF likes this sort of light meals too.

Pan-fried vegetables, the fish head and its bones and threw them into a clear soup. Turned out so tasty. #impieCooks2016 Fish this fresh should be steamed or baked. Decided to do it the easiest way- oven-baked in foil/parchment. Took it out of the oven and finished it in the heat of the foil. Carbs came in the form of pasta. Tossed up chillies and anchovies to go along. Mmmm.


Iva Aminuddin said...

I am so jealous. Seafood in Chicago is seriously not great. Can't get fresh fish to save our lives. Plus its all soo expensive too! =(

imp said...

Awww. Are the frozen stuff all right? Salmon?

Su-Lin said...


imp said...

su-lin: :))) it eeees.