Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Work Year Begins

The year has swung in fast and furious. Beginning the work year later has made me a little breathless, like, okay what did I miss so far. Effectively, nothing much. I planned for even the urgent projects to begin in mid January anyway.

The work calendar is completely filled till I can't even make a quick trip out over the lunar new year holidays. This is work that I'll never complain of being overloaded with. I get to pick out what I want to do; keeping busy makes me happy.

This model of working on a 'per project' basis is turning out well. It does mean that I can look at a few at any one time, unless it's a major undertaking that I dedicate a month or even three months to solely fulfil its demands. Pleasantly surprised by how steady the pace is. The number of projects accepted for the year averages out to correspond to the income desired for the year. I still get to take off for three months or so for vacations and charity causes. In terms of CPF contributions or whatever allocated corporate benefits, it's zilch, and I'm okay with that. Whatever sits in the CPF isn't the best performing fund in my portfolio, even in this current climate. As it is, I can't touch the monies in there unless I'm hospitalized, or buy another property (which is a little silly). Thankfully, aside from the various insurance policies bought to cover my ass, there's courtesy spousal medical and dental coverage from the man's office.

What I also appreciate, is the flexibility in terms of a work space. Work could be done pretty much anywhere and at any time so long deadlines are met, meetings are set and projects nicely concluded. Don't need those trendy co-working offices. Thought about it, checked out a few, and decided I don't require that sort of a semi-formal environment to churn out stuff. Sussed out all the cafes that I can chill out at. Complimentary wifi isn't necessary. All right, 2016, before I know it, January is ending. Projects are chugging along. Bring it.


jo said...

To a good start!

imp said...

fingers crossed! thanks!