Friday, January 29, 2016

Ed The Bear Comes Home

Ed the Bear went on a staycation with Missy for almost two months! It seemed mean to remove the bear from the little girl in the immediate days she returned to school. But I wasn't in town anyway. So the bear accompanied her for the first two weeks of Primary Two, the year when tests and exams set in.

Y also sent me like...two photos of Ed the Bear hanging out with Missy. LOL. Okay, not like one photo a day. I'm not insane. It's a teddy bear, an inanimate soft toy. But I always personify my bears and am tickled that Missy still does that. There's something magical about bears. I've loved them since I was a little girl and never quite lost it. Sometimes, the man thinks I'm a stark raving lunatic for talking to teddy bears and formulating their replies. Well, he does that occasionally too! I'm not interested in all soft toys okay. Only bears.

Retrieved him from Y over breakfast the other day. I actually texted her the night before to remind her to bring Ed, and she humored me by replying, "All packed!" Hahaha. We're quite mad. :P It was a precious morning with Y when she had a break from the hectic January work grind and before I began mine.

Missy took so much effort to color a card and write a little note along with the bear to be sent home. The note asked if Ed could come stay with her again. Of course, my dear. Anytime. So long you still want Ed the Bear, and he has all his fur intact, he'll be most thrilled to come play.


Unknown said...

Aw Ed must feel so loved and popular. ;)

And, you only talk to bears?! Thank you for making an exception for one particular little donkey then! :D


imp said...

Heh. That little donkey is cute. I'll talk to her. :P