Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dried Squid :: ปลาหมึกแห้ง

Apparently, dried squid (ปลาหมึกแห้ง) is the famous produce in Pranburi. The kind used for cooking. They do have those processed packs for snacking on in the various flavors. Love the spicy ones. But the strands always annoyingly get stuck in the teeth. Ate so much of the processed ones with cold beer. Quite a nice appetizer. Heh. Savory snack, I approve.

There're many shops selling dried seafood products in Pranburi. Went to this one that the friends frequent. It's kinda pronounced as 'Jen Nim' in Thai. Probably the founder's name, and a hint that their squid/produce is tender. Clever play. No English translations. It's a family business. Most shops here are, really. The shop's tagline is 'dried in a day's sunlight'. Not surprised. The sun is blazing. Can't survive without a hat here if there're no trees and shade.

The shop sells their produce by weight. Pick out what you need and they'll seal it for you rightaway. Placed our orders for the chilled stuff. We'd pick them up on our way back to Bangkok. The man bought packs of dried shrimp, clams and of course squid. He also bought 10 of the semi-dried squids or about 1kg. I always have a small cold bag in the suitcase. It will keep our purchases cool till we get home. Also ordered three small packs of the dried squid at 120g each- those that are meant as snacks, natural dried and with chilli.


D said...

what's the price like compared to those sold in Sg / Indonesia?

imp said...

Way cheaper but good quality. I'd say better quality than the ones in SG. We dunno the price breakdown, but we paid $80 for 10 packs of dried squid, shrimps and clams (for soups) at 300g each. And 1kg of the semi-dried ones.