Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pranberry at Pranburi

It wouldn't have been my choice of a restaurant especially in Pranburi. But the friends strongly recommended Pranberry for dinner, so I went along. It's a bed and breakfast as well. Basic, rustic and pretty all right. No air-conditioning, of course. Slap on insect repellent. The friends brought wine; corkage per bottle at 150BHT is super reasonable.

This has got to be the most un-Thai meal we've had on the trip, and it was actually fabulous! On pasta alone, comparison to casual eateries at home, it's way better than what Prego produces and definitely surpass the textures at Valentino. What a surprise! Pasta. Spaghetti done properly al dente and spicy! There're options of squid ink, anchovies and tarako. Woah. Of course I picked the anchovies. It was so good! Ordered mini pizzas. The day's catch of irresistibly fresh prawns and squid were a must. Lamb moussaka is offered too. The table couldn't resist ordering chocolate lava cakes for dessert, even though it was 11.30pm and bedtime was in less than half an hour. Photo quality in this post is shite because you know...iPhone and low light.

We hopped in late, close to 10pm, but the owner accommodated us. She mentioned that over the new year holidays, she had to close at 1am because of the merrymaking that still went on. Good business. Pranberry's Italian-western menu is outstanding, and for the longest time, is only available on the weekends when the owner-chef comes in from Bangkok. Apparently she has recently hired someone to cook these menus during weekdays, but it's a new thing and we haven't had time to check it out.

Friendly-enough resident cats. But you cannot hug them, they'll swipe.
Only they can come to your ankles. :P

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