Thursday, February 18, 2016

Table Of Six At New Ubin Seafood

Haven't eaten at New Ubin Seafood for so long that it was a pleasant surprise to find them on Chope and so responsive over text messages. Friends were in town over the weekend and we made a table for a late dinner. Always so good to see them. Yay to having six people at dinner so we could order a truckload of dishes!

The restaurant's menu has expanded. Super impressed with their pre-orders/reservation of food that had limited quantities, like oysters, mussels and a Boston lobster. Fuss-free. Chope-d those. Added more items after browsing through the menu. Ordered so much food! Luckily there was sufficient stomach space to stash it all away.

Began with Fine de Claire oysters that we poked at with chopsticks because they didn't have tiny forks for us. They provided the plastic Asian soup spoons. Too funny. It's not easy to pull off oysters with chopsticks, and we couldn't quite slurp because the shell would cut our lips! DOHH. None of us felt like beer. So we randomly selected two bottles of 2008 pinot noir from Napa Valley and Mornington Peninsula that were oddly decent!

The table wanted the smoked pork collar and prawn paste chicken wings. All theirs! Kekeke. Something about wings that people like. The pork was so smoked and caramelized that it was pretty much bak kwa. Loads of fats! Eeeeps. We had token vegetables of dou miao with garlic.

The Scottish blue mussels were super fresh, but I didn't quite like the composition of wine and cream. Dunno. Maybe they didn't use a wooded chardonnay. Heeee. It was a tad heavy and not quite what I preferred. Skipped mopping up the gravy with bread. The masala fish roe was a surprise hit! Spot on spices! Loved it. Had to order a stingray with sambal belachan. The sambal wasn't spicy, but chockful of flavor and tangy. Very nice rendition.

The main dish of the evening was a huge Boston lobster braised with ee-fu noodles and it came in such a big serving. Cooked in lobster stock, the noodles were delicious. That dish held the only carbs for the evening. No steamed rice, fried rice or vermicelli needed. Luckily we prudently ordered two dishes fewer than usual, otherwise there would be plenty of leftovers. It was hilarious that the table had space for ice-cream after. Haha.

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