Friday, February 19, 2016

Grain Traders

Finally ate at Grain Traders. I've been curious about it, but not curious enough to brave it at lunch hour in the middle of CBD crowds. On a day when I was in the area for meetings, the BFF grabbed me for an impromptu lunch at Grain Traders with R. Perfect.

It was noon and of course it was already packed. But we managed to chope the last three seats by the window. Hurrah. It's spacious enough without feeling harassed. Eateries like The Daily Cut, Salad Stop or even NUDE Seafood can be super noisy since they have to maximize space to place tables close together. There's no way you can't hear the next table's conversation unless you snag seats next to a wall. Grain Traders feel better in terms of table spacing and the glass panes that let the natural light in.

It's the usual healthy bowl we've come to expect that are slightly heartier than just plain greens and seeds. Each bowl is priced between S$16++ to S$20++. Choose your own ingredients or take one of their standard bowls. It contains a base of grains, one protein, one hot vegetables, two cold vegetables, toppings and a dressing. Half an avocado and the hard-boiled eggs could be added and are separate from the standard prices of the bowl.

Quite delicious. Wouldn't mind returning if I'm nearby and don't feel like walking further. I still prefer the mesh of flavors at The Daily Cut and NUDE Seafood. Importantly, Grain Traders currently only offer salmon and tuna, both of which aren't my favorite fish. Nothing beats NUDE Seafood for choices of fish with grains. I'd make a trek to MBFC any day to eat there. Also, Grain Traders' pieces of steak (beef) aren't as nicely grilled as those at The Daily Cut.

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