Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Quiet 41

For once, a jump shot without a guitar in his hands, and not on a stage. Woot. The man turned 41 without fanfare. After the riotous party last year, he wanted to keep it easy, especially when hectic work trips and extra-mad deadlines dominate these two weeks.

I didn't get him a cake. Got him pies instead. A few slices of fabulous morello cherry and coconut lime vodka from Windowsill Pies. Between being swamped at the office, readying his presentations and packing for the work trips, the man's happy to squeeze out time to do mundane stuff, grab easy meals and time-outs at the gym. Even managed to check out of town at the last minute to see the big blue sea and nourish the soul.

Of course we had a drink (or two), but nothing wild. Love our whisky loads but we've consciously cut down on the alcohol intake. Anyway, like what I always say- the point of drinking is not to ultimately puke it out. Getting older lah. Gotta keep the waistline in check, and the liver and kidneys trim and free of ethanol-poisoning. Oof. The friends will separately catch him for makan and random coffee next week.

Happy Birthday, darling D. Keep jumping high, mind the knees. To another year of love and creating awesome-ness.


D said...

Great jumping shots of the birthday boy, my fellow Aries! ;-)

imp said...

awww. Happy birthday (in advance) to you too!