Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cava at Lunch

Everyone has their preferred Spanish restaurants in town. It's a friendly cuisine that's almost always features on the weekly eat-list. Currently, our to-go eats are found at Binomio for all-round food, and paella at FOC(We're less of the Catalunya and Bam! Tapas Sake Bar crowd.) Lovely service at both restaurants. Both offer different noise levels too. Hahaha. In the evenings at FOC when the noise volume and shophouse distortion-echo effect get unbearable, some of us resort to wearing earplugs like we're at gigs.

Since the darling friends wanted to do cava and buy us lunch, we headed to FOC and filled up their bar counter. I had no idea what sort of cava we were drinking, but the continuous flow certainly kept us happy. Cava was appetizer and dessert altogether.

Ordered everything on the menu to share, except the chorizo and foie gras thingies. They were delicious! Tapas at this lunch were mainly bread with toppings. LOVE. The crab paste with anchovies was incredibly appetizing. The man was deliriously thrilled. He loves bread. He ate everything on the lunch menu, and eyed all the going-ons in the kitchen.

Gamely had a bite of the Iberico presa, the meat between the shoulder and loin of the pig. Done sous vide over a few hours, the brain knew that the meat was thoroughly cooked. But the color was deceiving. I was hoping not to be poisoned by the medium-cooked slices of meat. Hahaha. Won't lah. The Iberico presa was beautiful, and certainly didn't taste like pork with that typical ahhh 'stink'.

None of us had space for dessert. Coffee would be nice. Across the road, Ronin was packed to the brim. We were NOT up for walking to coffee at any other cafe. The sun was too bright and the afternoon was too hot. I don't do very well with cava. Not enough to puke but any type of bubbly and sparkling wine puts me to sleep after three to four glasses. We adjourned to the cool relief of the friends' house for coffee and dessert. The moment I stepped in, found my favorite spot in the corner and promptly crashed out for 20 minutes. Oof.

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