Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dinner for 10!

It was very nice to be invited over for a casual dinner at the relatives' home. There were ox-tail stew, chap chye, itek tim and luffa with eggs. Then there were my favorite things of fried fish roe and sambal sotong with eggs.

Plenty of dishes and the accompanying sambal belachan all lovingly cooked from scratch. No pre-mixes permitted in the relatives' kitchen. And of course I know exactly how much effort that took. It's not easy cooking for 10 hungry people with different dietary preferences. Quite tickled to see that chicken as a dish is absent from the menu, save for existing in soup stock and as a base for stir-fry. Hahaha.

I went straight for the fried fish roe. Ate it with sambal belachan. Of late, fish roe seems quite hard to come by at the wet markets. Unless your friendly fishmonger keeps them aside for you. I generally refuse to order them at the restaurants unless the craving gets too intense. Took loads of sambal sotong. Spicy! That went beautifully with the steamed white rice as well as the fish eggs. Helloooo cholesterol!!! Wooohooo.

Didn't dare to take too much rice. That's always dicey when there're delicious gravy, curry or sambal. Whatever eaten was more than enough to keep my stomach very happy. Upon reaching home, I went for a slow climb twice up and down the stairs. Needed to ease and hasten the process of digestion before bed-time.

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