Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SingaPlural 2016

Found no time to join the events, walking tours or workshops at SingaPlural, but managed to head out to see the installations on the last day of exhibition. Hopped in for a coffee and later, even managed to catch up with the friends over beer and prata at its closing party.

There was air-conditioning in some of the rooms. The rains also kept the surroundings cool when we strolled between blocks and hung out randomly at the corners. Split over three blocks A, B and C, the classrooms were utilized fully. The installations were coherently categorized into design and non-design led themes.

It was very nice to have some of the artists present at their installations to chat with visitors or simply elaborate on the inspiration behind their works and how they went through the creative process. 3D-artist Zhang Weijin's 'Apple 2025' laid out a real apple versus 3D-printed apples as food for thought. How would food of the future be? We already have protein shakes, Soylent and GMO foods. If the world population increases at this unsustainable rate, then manufacturing food from 3D printers isn't unfathomable.  The printed apples even held the scent! Not all were tech or furniture either. There were craft items, clay and such. Of the senses.

One side of Studio Asobi's garden made of clay and rattan- 'I Feel The Clouds Singing'

Performance art also had a space. Enjoyed ourselves messing around with the iPhone stickers at 'YouAreJS' by Jacquelyn Soo X 12Geeks. Gotta download an app before going into the art room. The only drawback- cellular connection was crap in the corners and rooms of the building. Hung out for a bit at this room for a chat and a laugh.

Once inside, Jacquelyn Soo good-naturedly pranced around for us to add stuff to her body in the app. All in the name of performance art. We turned her into 'David Bowie' and a 'Tiger Beer serving girl'. :p Too fun! We could use the app on one another too. Haven't tried it yet.

'YouAreJS' by Jacquelyn Soo X 12Geeks.

There're a number of installations that touched on the imagination and the mind. Always about the expressing of self and searching for an identity. There was 'Balloons of Hope' by JoyClay X Papergirl Pam Studio. Made in clay and painted in colorful linework, the girl and the owl lent that melancholic but determined air to the 'deflated balloons' on the ground, stressing that the girl was optimistic about restoring the balloons to their former glory so that they could cheerfully float about again.

I like the whimsical thoughts behind Teo Huey Ling's 'The Curious Paradox of 50 House'. Using clay and wool, the little houses are a visual manifest of the artist's sense of self. Like how we dream of houses in the clouds. Or just a ladder reaching out and up to the sky where another world awaits. Quite lovely.

'The Curious Paradox of 50 House' by Teo Huey Ling.

We went outside for a breather. It was still storming and while it was cool, it wasn't conducive to browse the stores set up under the long tent. Weren't that keen on knick knacks or Singapore souvenirs and such. We do see those and get them all the time for the friends. But we had the best coconut thing ever by Soi Coco. It was a drink and dessert rolled into one. Yum.

Mic Leong of Stickyline's 'Scale Up Your Fear' was probably the most photographed installation this year. You either go 'woah' and run towards it in curiosity and amazement, or run away shrieking. HUGE roaches spilling out of a garbage can. Wooohooo. An urban dweller's worst nightmare. Roaches that are a meter in body length, minus the feelers. Next to rats, of course. The lone roach atop the ceiling light was hilarious. I loved it! The installation forced visitors to think about their fears and how to deal with them. It asked, "Will you escape from it, hate it or face it? How much do you know about your fears?"

Visitors were invited and guided to fold and assemble paper parts
into this final installation 'Scale Up Your Fear'

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